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The idea for the Sacred Yoga Practices Deck and Grounding Journey Kits came to me during meditation. It wasn’t an aha — wow I have to do this, but a slow process that unfolded over many months and took even longer to bring to life. While working on creating the card deck and sourcing the items in each kit, I explored my own chakras, crystals, energy and journey deeper than I could have imagined or even thought I would explore.


My intention as I created this for you was to offer you a way to understand your chakras, learn more about crystals and make meditating and creating your own sacred space accessible. I hope you enjoy it and that it supports you in finding a way to connect with opening and clearing your chakras in your daily practice with ease and joy.

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Featured Products

Sacred Crystal Chakra Set

The Sacred Crystal Chakra Set with chakra cards deck was created for those who love crystals but don’t know where to start! With 7 chakra crystals and 9 full-color information cards, this starter kit will teach you about these healing stones and how to use them in meditation as well as with your chakras. Learn about the chakra system, which crystals clear blockages, and how to clear and charge your crystals.

Sacred Practices Yoga Deck

The Sacred Practices Yoga Chakra Cards Deck was lovingly created to help you deepen your yoga practice through connection with the chakras. Learn about each of the chakras, which yoga poses are associated with them, and how to open and clear them with ease and joy through the yoga asanas. Great for building your own sequences or using for meditation.

Sacred Spaces Altar Kit

Creating a meditation altar has never been easier than with the Sacred Spaces Altar Kit. Creating a spiritual altar is a sacred practice, and with this thoughtfully created set, you have everything you need to get started. Create your altar in a nook of your bedroom, on a bookshelf in your den, or anywhere that feels right to you.

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