The muldhara (root chakra) is our anchor, represented by the color red. It’s where we connect and ground in our life. It’s our foundation, just like your home’s foundation it is best when built on a solid foundation, balanced and strong. A part of your foundation is your roots, your ancestors, where you come from, your family.

When we have our solid foundation it is much easier to make use of our spiritual gifts. I find grounding myself is the best way to restore the natural flow of energy in and out of my body.

When thinking about your root chakra, consider yourself a large tree. Roots that grow deep underground. Always growing and extending into the earth, even when no one sees them growing. The tree stands tall because it’s roots run deep. The mighty tree sways and moves in the wind without breaking, because of its roots.

My experience in root chakra clearing –

What I have found the most interesting as I have been exploring the chakras is the deep, DEEP connection to family and ancestors that has become my focus.

When my grandmother passed in 2020 she was 98. And with any family there is some drama. Most of it seems to float around her. As she was nearing the end of her life, I became very aware of my chakras and began to pay attention to the experience. I felt an undeniable draw and call to focus my studies of the root chakra. I began to open up and heal on a deeper level than I could have imagined.

I was consciously seeking healing, wanting to find peace and forgiveness in my relationship with my grandmother.

She has always been a “proper lady” kind of grandmother. I had to dress correctly, practice walking around with a book on my head, speak only when spoken to and which was not at all how my parents were raising me. I don’t know that I would have considered her verbally abusive by any means, but she left her scars in me.

The scars she left in me all dealt with self doubt, lack of connection to my body. They ran deep, really, really deep because she had spoken to me the way she had as long as I could remember.

I read in one of my many books that Karmas of past lives and current life, rest in the root chakra.

When I shared with a dear friend about the healing and release I was working on with my grandmother she encouraged me to find out how she was raised, what her story was that would have influenced the way she added to my raising. (She didn’t raise me. I have great parents who raised me. My grandparents lived across the street from me when I was younger and I spent a lot of time at their house)

I knew her story. It was a rough one. Her mother died when she was young. Her father sent her to live in an orphanage in the 1920’s and at some point her aunt came and took her home to live with them.

She was never loved unconditionally. She was never taught to believe in herself. She was raised the way girls were in the 20’s and 30’s, so that was the influence she had in my life.

I’ve had some real healing through her healing. It wasn’t easy, there were lots of tears, but oh so worth it! I have forgiven her. I’ve even found true compassion for her.

I’m not sure which came first, me learning to love myself and my body or me learning to forgive her and have compassion for her. The point is I’ve had deep gratitude for the journey to both.

When discussing my growth with my coach, but not many of the details, Angelina, said something along these lines…

We as women of our generation are being called to heal our grandmother’s generation. To step forward and not to accomplish more or be bolder, but in our actions to heal past generations for our future generations.

Now let that sink in.

It’s not just about women’s lib or equality in the workplace.

To me it’s about being loved unconditionally, being valued as a woman, and most importantly loving yourself. Feeling it and believing it in your core.

Think about your relationship with your grandmother. I was amazed when I began speaking with others about their relationships and hearing how similar they were.

It made soooo much sense to me!

When we’re open to see the connection to our ancestors’ spiritual energy and our ancestors’ challenges we can see so much of our own challenges and purpose in life. It’s safe to say that because we carry those connections (conscious or not) to our ancestors, everyone at sometime or another experiences root chakra blockages that we can only cleared and release by being conscious about our healing. By releasing our ancestors stuff that is creeping into our life.

Of course, clearing your root chakra isn’t a one and done kind of thing.

We have our own stuff stored in the base chakra too.

The thing about our base chakra is it’s kinda like our basement. You just keep shoving and piling stuff up down there. You lose track of what’s there because you just keep adding stuff.

What I love about yoga is you can release blocked energy without needing to relive or re-experience what’s blocking your root. Perfect when doing ancestor work because you didn’t live through the experience to be conscious of what’s there you came to this life with it.

Have you experienced a sudden release of emotions during a practice before? I know I have been in class and laughed, cried or a little of both without knowing where it was coming from.

Maybe during a meditation?

If we sit and allow ourselves to release without judgement, without holding on to what we see or feel we’re able to clear out our chakras much easier and hopefully without too much discomfort.

When beginning chakra work there are a few things to remember

1. Each chakra depends on the chakras around it for support. Meaning to open your heart chakra it is important to pay attention to your solar plexus also.

2. The base chakra is your anchor, your root, your foundation to make use of spiritual energy. Finding ways to ground yourself will restore the natural flow of energy to and from your base chakra.

I personally love gardening as a way to connect. DIgging in the dirt, getting my feet dirty (I always garden barefoot) all the things that connect you with the ground, Mother Earth and nature are ways to ground yourself.

Of course gardening isn’t always an option. In those instances when you need a quick and easy grounding fix, I recommend standing barefoot in the grass, sand or dirt for a few moments. Maybe stomping your feet on the ground to stimulate your circulation or sitting in a wide legged squat to open your root chakra and get it closer to the earth.

3. In yoga practices, poses with forward folds are a great way to honor your ancestor and your tribe’s past. Just remember to say a little prayer or word of gratitude as you bend forward.

Balancing poses like tree or any of the warrior poses help build a strong base, legs and hips and prepare you to move to your sacral chakra.

4. Are crystals something you’re being drawn to? Try holding hematite, bloodstone, smoky quartz are a few of the red or black stones that support your root chakra not to mention black tourmaline or fire agate.

I’ll be posting more poses and ideas on FB and IG over the next few days to help you clear your root chakra. If you aren’t already following me at Grounding Journey, what are you waiting on? Scoot on over and follow me.


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