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Lifestyle Solopreneur

Flavia Berys is a business attorney and coach and the original Lifestyle Solopreneur, putting LIFESTYLE first! So of course I had lots of connection and enjoyed a conversation with Flavia. We chat about how I built a successful marketing business and keeping in mind to still leave room for yoga, international travel, and 4-hour work days.

The Life Adventurist Podcasts

You don’t need validation from anyone to get what you want in life. You have the ability to tap into your intuition and know what is right for you. In this episode, Jenny and I speak about how to open your third eye so you can increase your perceptive, intuitive and spiritual abilities.

Simply Heathcoaching

Listen in as Liza Baker and I chat about Reiki (and Tom the Cat) and about grounding ourselves with crystals (and where to put them for maximum effect) in today’s online world when many of us seem to be spending our lives floating in the ether. The conversation is filled with as much information as it is laughter!

How to Rewrite Your Stars

Benjamin and I started a conversation to discuss how we are in our control to turn things around for the better when faced with life. The conversation that ensued was a dive deep into our childhood and how our religious upbringing set us up for our own spiritual journey. Our stories are very different, leading to a fun conversation about religion and spirituality from both of our perspectives. One of the more enjoyable unexpected conversations I’ve had in some time!

Creatives Do Money

Eowyn and I talk all about my experience of expanding from being a solopreneur into a creative agency and growing into my own after my financial low point, and what it’s been like to grow foundational financial stability from my family business as opposed to traditional employment.

Eowyn also joins me as a guest on Grounding Journey to discuss Sensations and all the feels


I had a great time chatting with Jenny and Jamie from Jetsethers Podcast as we discuss my love of travel, budgeting, and my family’s trip to Egypt! Find out more by following them on Instagram.

I would love to chat with you soon. 

Topics I am passionate about

  • Inspirational: I believe that sharing my story of not settling and choosing to overcome my life’s situation can inspire women to get “unstuck.”
  • Grounding Journey: Connecting with women about the experiences of digging into a spiritual journey
  • Business: I went from working three jobs to working 30 hours a week while attending college to becoming a VA. I now own a 6 figure creative agency in less than ten years. Anything is possible when following your purpose and heart.
  • Favorite Topics: Yoga, Meditation, Crystal Healing, Chakras, Reiki

Be a guest on Grounding Journey

Grounding Journey, where women come together to have the deeper spiritual conversations we’ve been seeking. I created the podcast based on my personal craving for deeper conversations, I’ve realized as we get older our bf’s have moved away, sisters live across the country and all the friendships around seem to be friendships with women from carline, church or work. They’re good friendship, but not the kind you can go deep and real without worry of judgement.

During each podcast, WE (you and I) come together to chat about your spiritual journey.. ya know, the things that stimulate your soul, lessons you’ve learned, things you feel passionate about, tools you use in your journey, stuff that you want to share about that has benefitted you and could benefit or resonate with others on their journey.

Would you be interested?

If this sounds exciting to you, please take a few minutes to answer these questions. I’ll get back to you and see if we can schedule a time.

Thanks for your interest!

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