Thanks for joining me on the journey through the chakras. We’re at the top. The crown chakra is most open and flowing when all the other chakras are aligned and clear. I’m the kind of soul who starts at the root and works to my crown, although my soul sister lives in her crown and has to work her way down to the root. Whichever place you start, it’s just great that you begin and move through them. Remember that when you reach the crown or root, you’re not done. You can move from the crown right into the root or go back down to the third eye to keep flowing. I like to move in a circular pattern from crown to root.

The crown chakra is located just above the top of your head. You will see it represented in either white or brilliant purple color.

Find passion in the opportunity to learn more about yourself by connecting to the Divine that resides inside and out of your body.

Many believe that through the crown you are able to connect to the Divine, your higher power. But it goes a little deeper than that… when you awaken your bodies through movement or meditation practice, consciously open your hearts through expansion, and connect with your wisdom, you connect with the Divine. Through the process of opening your crown chakra, it’s possible to begin to understand that you are one with the Divine and are always connected.

The deeper you journey into the crown, the understanding that you are not only connected to the Divine, but the Divine resides inside of you reveals itself in a way that you can never forget.

To truly understand and connect through the crown is not something you can read about. It’s something that you must experience in a personal and individual way. I LOVE using crystals to support me when I am doing crown work. Amethyst and selenite are my go-to’s

Because selenite is considered an ancient stone, it can open the crown chakra while remaining anchored to the earth’s vibration, completing the cycle of crown to root chakra work. When used during meditation, selenite connects you by immediately opening the crown chakra, allowing you to receive messages from the Universe if you are willing. In addition, selenite’s calming properties will help you sit in stillness and find the deep inner peace you may be seeking if you struggle with quieting your mind during meditation.

Amethyst is also excellent in supporting you to calm your mind and clear unwanted clutter from your thoughts. Amethyst also protects from unwanted energy by transmuting the energy into love. This can be highly supportive during meditation when you’re learning how to protect yourself from others’ thoughts and energy.

It’s all about the journey. Give yourself grace as you experience the ebb and flow of being connected and feeling disconnected. In my experience, I have found that to be a vital part of the journey, learning what it feels like to be connected and not, to begin to crave the connection, and to learn how to find my way back. I wish you a magical experience as you do the work!

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