Awakening isn't always earth shaking

I had a HUGE shift this weekend. I’m not sure that I can even describe “it” or fully remember it, but I know “it” happened, and “it” was HUGE!

I was on my yoga mat in class—the place where lots of my shifts happen.

It was Sunday morning and I’d been in class all weekend. I was being led through an hour and a half inner guide practice.

Let me back up a little bit…My yoga practice hasn’t been much of anything as of late because I’ve been deep. I’ve been deep in my stuff. I’ve been deep in discomfort. I’ve been deep in unhappiness, sadness, and heartache.

I’ve felt lost. Struggling with knowing which way to go.

Finding my way to my yoga mat was not where I’d been.

As I was in frog pose, I felt “it” wash over me. “It” was subtle. There weren’t bright lights. I didn’t feel my heartbreak open… like I thought a heart-opening experience might feel like. The heart expansion I’d been seeking.

Instead, I just felt this warm, soft feeling start somewhere in the middle of my soul and expand outwards.

I knew at that moment that the last four months were completely worth being lost, being in pain, being confused. At that moment, that feeling of expansion of softness told me that I would never be the same again.

I experienced a deeper understanding on my mat in frog pose.

All the work I’ve been doing, all the parts I was conscious of, and the parts I wasn’t, I’d arrived at the place that I’d been seeking. Even though I wasn’t sure where I was going or what I’d been seeking.

I’ve actively been working on my journey and moving towards… something for three years.