Sacred Practice

What is sacred anymore? Your time? Your connection with your soul? Your relationship with your body?

Do you crave that sacred connection with yourself?

I’m going to venture a guess and say that you’re like me… we hold space for everyone else in our lives but often forget to save space for ourselves.

In case you’ve forgotten. Let me give you a few of the usual sayings –

You can’t be everything for everybody.

If you don’t fill up your own tank first, you’ll run out of gas. 

Put on your oxygen mask first. 

Self-care is not selfish.

Need I go on?

I created the Sacred Practices Yoga Deck just for you, just for us. 


7 cards with an explanation of each chakra, ways to connect to each chakra and a mindful question to guide you thru the process.


43 Yoga pose cards detailing which chakra each pose connects to, including alignment cues and mindful declaration mantras. 


7 visualizations to guide you through connecting and clearing energy blocks in each of your chakras.

Sacred Practices Yoga Deck

Why We Are Unique

I created this deck with the thought that it could be versatile and useful in many ways.

Use the Sacred Practices Yoga Chakra Deck cards to explore your chakras and feel where you might be blocked or in need of opening. You can then create a yoga practice around just the poses that benefit the specific chakra. While building my practice I like to use the cards in a more yin/hatha style yoga. Settling into each pose for 5-8 breaths or even longer if you prefer. Declarations and mindful actions are listed that you can use during your practice for each pose.

When you prefer to do a full chakra practice I recommend picking 1-3 poses for each chakra. Lay them out in order whether you prefer to work from crown to root or root to crown. Holding each pose for 5-8 breaths, to ensure open chakras I like to work from root to crown and back to root. Depending on whether you start at root or crown, I recommend cycling through and back to where you started.

The third way to use the deck is to pull a card in the morning. Practice that pose for 3-4 mins until you feel a shift inside. Return to this pose and mindful practice throughout the day when you feel uneasy or restless.

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