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Sacred Sunday


Sacred Soul Connection

Sacred Sunday

What is sacred anymore? Your time? Your connection with your soul? Your connection with your body?

Do you crave that sacred connection with you and others?

I’m going to venture a guess and say that you’re like me… we hold space for everyone else in our lives but often forget to hold space for ourselves.

I’ve spent much of the last year reminding myself that I can’t be 100% a 100% of the time. (I love that quote that my crystal healing teacher told me in 2004 when Kev was a mere 3 years old and I thought I had to be it all, that I couldn’t take time for myself.)

In case you’ve forgotten. Let me give you a few of the usual sayings –

You can’t be everything for everybody.
If you don’t fill up your own tank first, you’ll run out of gas.
Put on your oxygen mask first.
Self-care is not selfish.

Need I go on?

We all know the quotes and even repeat them to friends when needed.

The problem seems to be REMEMBERING it’s OK to take the time for you. We forget to create a sacred time for ourselves.

I invite you to join me Sunday mornings for Sacred Sundays.

We’ll meet online with friends from near and far and hold that space for each other.

That’s what we do in this community.

We connect.

We hold space for each other.




I’ve paused Sacred Sunday for a short time because my family is traveling and doing some fun stuff. Sign up below and I’ll let you know when I begin Sacred Sundays again.